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 Kere Azure

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Kere Azure

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PostSubject: Kere Azure   Fri Jan 29, 2016 2:23 am

Name: Kere Azure

Age: 23

Race: Human

Strengths: Explosives use, Improvisation, Reading Enemy Movements, Idetic Memory.

Weaknesses: Quick temper, Awkward when fighting women, Sometimes lets chivalry get the best of him.

Appearance: Built like a heavy weight boxer, slicked-back short black hair with streaks of red, Silver eyes, 6'2" in height, wears a black full body battle suit with thin armor plating between layers of cloth with red combat boots and red armored gloves.

Semblance: Teleportation (Can only teleport to places I can see and/or been to a lot.)

History: Kere lives in Vacuo with his mother and sister. His father abandoned him, his sister, and his mother when he was 3 years old. He is very protective of his mother, Tanya, and older sister, Terra, due to their abusive, alcoholic step-father. When Kere was 9 years old, he decided that he wanted to become stronger so he could better protect his mother and sister from his step-father. 2 years later, Kere's step-father died after falling onto the broken glass of a beer bottle that he had thrown at Kere, severing his jugular. When he was 12, he managed to activate his semblance to lead away a pack of Grimm from his friends, thus earning him entrance into Shade Academy.
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Kere Azure
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